Alex Martynov   
On Yekhanurov

Perhaps, Yuriy Yekhanurov (ex-prime-minister) is the most closest to libertarian views, at least to classical liberal views, among all Ukrainian politicians. His latest column in Ukrainian Pravda entitled "We are equal", however it's not about egalitarian equality, on the contrary, he describes (though somewhat clumsily) something like a libertarian non-aggression principle:

We are all equal, and that's why everyone has the right to live and to have support from community if one does not deny or limit the pursuits of other persons.

After that he reiterates the same principle more specifically:

Ukraine is an integral part of Western civilization, which, as a rule, limits one's freedom only when it interferes with freedom of others.

Personally I cannot agree that the principle, which he describes, such an integral part of Western civilization, but the mere understanding and agreement with this principle is a non-trivial thing for Ukrainian politician.

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