Alex Martynov   
Four Lions

Foreign policy, particularly its implication as the "war on terror," is one of the major issues among American libertarians. Perhaps, "war on terror" or "Muslim threat" are not on our Ukrainian agenda, but one can easily assume that many had thoughts about Islam, fundamentalism, or terrorism.

Recent British tragicomedy about suicide bombers, "Four Lions," offers an unusual perspective on these issues. Being more closely related to reality, it is even less politically correct than "Borat" and "South Park" combined. Not using actual events as the basis for film plot, the authors depicted their own jihadists. Jihadists that use benefits of civilization, still blaming evil capitalism. Jihadists who, like the main character, leads usual "Western" lifestyle and shuns his too religious brother, who closes his wife in a small room, looking just like closet.

Extremely hilarious (and with foul language) this tragicomedy, however, is unlikely to give you a pleasant mood. The authors managed not just to satirize semi-literate terrorists. In the last few minutes they, literally, gave an account of the current "war on terror" with its innocent victims, tortures and lying politicians.

With realistic filming and not so realistic characters "Four Lions" tries to shed a different light the issues. And after you will laugh your head off, you would be left with questions on which no answers will be offered. Just watch and think for yourself.

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